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DairyBio Open Day - 7 September 2018, Hamilton Victoria
Feeding Pastures for Profit - EOI, Southern Highlands & Illawarra Region
Focus Farm EOI


Dairy NSW - Call for Nominations for Director Vacancy - Closing 31 July 2017

Dairy NSW is calling for nominations for one director vacancy being for one farmer director. 

The current Chairperson Jane Sherborne is completing her three-year term and has indicated that she is re-nominating for the position. 

To be elected as a Director, all applicants (including those directors who renominate) undergo a selection process overseen by the Board Selection Committee. The Board Selection Committee is now seeking applications from interested and appropriately skilled individuals.

Please download and read the Call for Applications before completing and submitting the Dairy
 NSW Director Application Form 2017.

Each contains instructions for submission and whom to contact if you have any enquiries.


AGM Results

The Dairy NSW Annual General Meeting was held via teleconference on 11 October 2016.

Two directors retired: Michael Perich, farmer director, and Dr Ian Lean, skills based director. Sue McGinn was reappointed and two new directors joined the Board on 11 October 2016: Andrew Farr, farmer representative, and Simon Fee, skills based representative. Jane Sherborne is the new Chair and Sue McGinn remains as the Deputy Chair. 


Taking Stock

The benefits of a Taking Stock 1:1 analysis for farmers will be a sense of confidence about the future direction of their business, a clearer understanding of their current financial position and the future options and management strategies available.

Taking Stock helps a dairy farm family assess their cash and profit position and also looks at a range of key issues including:

·         Understanding and managing farm business budgets

·         Identifying cost saving options

·         Calculating pasture consumption

·         Managing debt and the business’ balance sheet

·         Understanding additional support services that can be accessed including counselling and health services

·         Creating an action plan.

A significant number who completed the Taking Stock analysis established that their businesses were sound and the process was useful in giving them confirmation of their farm business and financial position.


For more information, contact us at or ring (02) 9351 1741.










One-on-one DairyBase Coaching Sessions

DairyBase is an online business management tool designed for dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm performance over time. DairyBase is available to all dairy farmers and will enable you;

·         to create annual reports and forecasts

·         identify opportunities to increase profit and reduce risk

·         to make more informed business decisions

Using and understanding DairyBase can be a powerful tool and Dairy NSW is offering one-on-one coaching to farmers to input their farm business information. The DairyBase coaches have been trained to coach you to enter your farm physical and financial information into DairyBase and from there generate reports that compare an individual farm over previous years. Benchmarking is widely used in many industries to ensure businesses are maintaining efficiency and staying competitive. DairyBase also has the capability to calculate cost of production figures which can be used to create farm business plans.

The sessions are complimentary to dairy farmers however they do require you to organise certain information before your DairyBase coaching session.

If you are interested in the DairyBase coaching program or would like further information please email or contact Jess Micallef (Project Officer) on 0428 472 983 or email


NSW Dairy Industry Strategic Action Plan

Over a lengthy period of collaboration, a number of organisations agreed to a common goal for the NSW dairy industry and identified five action areas and targets for the action plan.

NSW dairy industry strategic action plan




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Dairy farmer update - Summer 2015/16

Get an update on the latest dairy news and developments from Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday.


Dairy Situation and Outlook

The Situation and Outlook report analyses current dairy industry conditions, and the outlook for key drivers that affect dairy operation and profits. An annual report is released mid-year, with updates in February and October.

Download the Dairy Situation and Outlook report for October 2016