Take it to Elsie

Take it to Elsie provides research expertise to improve farm systems, business systems and people systems. Contact Dairy NSW if you have a burning question for which research may provide an answer.


Today's Question


Dear Elsie, I would like to have a copy of Kerry Kempton's messages for the 2016 NSW Dairy Farm Monitor project results.

Elsie secured a copy of Kerry's PowerPoint presentation. Download HERE.





Animal Health and Welfare

Dear Elsie, how do I calculate the cost of rearing calves?
Dear Elsie. I'm struggling to manage mastitis in wet conditions. Help!
Dear Elsie. They say horses can be called, is there any evidence that farmers can call cows to the dairy?
Dear Elsie, Horned cattle cause a number of issues in a livestock enterprise. What is the most humane and effective way to address this matter?
Dear Elsie, what do researchers know about bovine theileriosis?
Dear Elsie. What short and long-term risks are there with early lactation cows?
Dear Elsie. Is there any material to help me manage milk fat depression?
Dear Elsie. What can I do to better manage fireweed next season?
Dear Elsie. What animal health and welfare strategies are useful for planning ahead for climatic conditions, particularly heat stress?

Business systems

Elsie, I heard a Chief Finance Officer for a large dairy in the US gave a presentation in Camden on keys to good profit and loss statements, Can you tell me more about his message?
Dear Elsie. I understand the DPI collected data on a number of farms in NSW and then have shared that information for farmers. Can I get access to their presentation?

Farm systems

Dear Elsie, I'd really appreciate a single source for locating information to help us get things back in order after the floods. Do you have something for dairy farmers?
Dear Elsie, everybody knows that calves need to receive adequate quantities of good quality colostrum soon after birth; but what does this mean and how can it be achieved on farm?
Dear Elsie, with little rainfall, our feed situation is becoming challenging. What feed management options do I have?
G'day Elsie, what is the benefit of using mixed rations in conjunction with grazed pastures?
Elsie, what steps are involved in a good milking routing?
Elsie, are there any clues to help farmers detect fever in cows?
Elsie, is rumination a clue to good health?
What are the signs that indicate a cow has ruminal acidosis?
Dear Elsie, what's the best way to use a tedder when hay-making?

People Management

Dear Elsie, What can I do to build my resilience in good and bad times?
Dear Elsie. I'm from a non-dairy background living on a dairy farm. Some days I love it, others I find challenging. Any sage advice?
G'day Elsie, what tips can you offer on managing stress on the farm?
Dear Elsie, what is emotional intelligence and what does it have to do with dairy farming?
Dear Elsie, I've heard a phrase 'gold' friendships - what are they and does everyone need them?
Dear Elsie, I heard that I am to give my new staff a copy of a fair work information sheet before they start work. Tell me more about it and where I can get it?

Dairy Food Science

Dear Elsie. What does science tell us is the reason that Swiss Cheese has holes?